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Hawaii Inter Island Tours

Find the Best Activities on Your Hawaii Vacation

Your Hawaii Vacation Should Include Our Beach Cruiser Tour

We offer the “Worry-Free” Hawaii cycling experience. Our high standards, well-designed routes, and all-inclusive service will ensure your Hawaii bike tour is a safe and unforgettable adventure of a lifetime. We offer bahama vacations packages.


Traveling to the islands of Hawaiiis a little different than taking a road trip to one of the other 50 states. Not only because of the obvious fact that a road trip to Hawaiiis simply impossible, but also because once you’re on one of the Hawaiian islands, a lot of water still separates from the other three. All the islands have similarities and differences, each one harboring some of its own well-kept secrets. If you’re planning a trip to see Hawaii, you won’t be content with sightseeing only one of the islands; that’s why interisland tours from Oahuare a great option.

I've never had so much fun. The beach cruisers tour was amazing!

Saide Farvel

Island hopping is a fun activity, but it will also take an entire day and you’ll want to be sure that you start your trip off completely prepared, as your hotel won’t be within walkingdistance. Here is a short list of what you should wear on your trip. It almost goes without saying that you should wear comfortable clothing.

You will be walkingand spending time flying, so lightweight, nonabrasive clothing is the way to dress. You will also want your clothing to be breathable, as the temperature in Hawaiican be quite warm. Are you planning on visiting a high elevation sight or standing on the edge of the ocean? You will want to bring along a jacket or sweatshirt. While most of Hawaiihas a very warm and comfortable climate, the higher peeks can be chilly and some parts of the beachare quite breezy.

While your tour guides will be transporting you in a bus, you’ll still want to wear comfortable walkingshoes, as you won’t be in the vehicleduring the entirety of your tour. Closed toed shoes are the best, though hiking sandalsare a good option as well. In addition to good walkingshoes, you should also have water shoes with you, for those times when you will be able to do some swimming.

Speaking of swimming, unless you want to wear wet clothes during your tour, you’ll probably want to bring along a swimsuit and cover up. You never know when your group will pass by a tempting waterfall and all jump in. The sun can beat down during a typical Hawaiian day, so don’t forget to bring along a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sunglasses. Hawaiidoes have Walmart and Target, so if you don’t want to carry these around, you might be able to stop by the store and pick them up there.

Finally, while Hawaiiis a warm, tropical location the rain does fall at times and you will want to bring a small, fold-up poncho to carry in your bag. You’ll be glad you thought ahead when the droplets start landing on your head.

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